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Elijah Logozar


Elijah Logozar is a sixteen year old chess coach and aspiring professional chess player. Currently rated 1910 by the United States Chess Federation (USCF), this ranking places him in the top 10% of active tournament players. His USCF profile can be found here. Elijah’s online books and other products are available on this website.


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(interactive e-books)

GM Rafael Leitao's Sicilian Najdorf

Fighting Anti-Sicilians for the Najdorf player

Crush the Dragon!

Sicilian Sacrifices: 20 annotated games

Downloadable PGNs:

GM Rafael Leitao's Sicilian Najdorf ($9.99) Buy Now

Fighting Anti-Sicilians for the Najdorf player ($3.99)Buy Now

Sicilian Sacrifices: 20 annotated games ($2.99) Buy Now

White vs. Clasical Sicilian: The Velimirovic Attack ($2.99)Buy Now

White vs. Sicilian Najdorf: The Fischer-Sozin Attack ($2.99)Buy Now

Crush the Dragon! ($4.99) Buy Now


Customer Testimonails

Product: GM Rafael Leitao's Sicilian Najdorf

Wow - just wow. Mr. Logozar has put in an incredible amount of work into this repertoire, and it shows. There is amazingly deep coverage of each of white's main options against the Sicilian Najdorf. It's very reasonably priced for the content available, and this is possibly THE repertoire to buy on chessable.

Robert_New_Alekhine user
Customer Testimonails

Product: GM Rafael Leitao's Sicilian Najdorf

This repertoire is absolutely fantastic! It is filled with interesting ideas and cool, powerful lines. I find the recommendation against 6.Bg5 especially intriguing... definitely a 5-star repertoire. Keep up the good work Logozar!

GermanMC user
Customer Testimonails

Product: GM Rafael Leitao's Sicilian Najdorf

This repertoire is fantastic--easily the best I've seen on Chessable so far (even with the new Benko book that was recently released). The ideas behind each line are clearly explained, which is wonderful both for learning the strategy and for memorizing the lines themselves.

MunchO user
Customer Testimonails

Product: GM Rafael Leitao's Sicilian Najdorf

Just finished this book and I just loved it. It has brought back my belief in the Sicilian defence. Deserves 5 stars. Only wish it was longer. Many thanks logozar.

ramanian user
Customer Testimonails

Product: GM Rafael Leitao's Sicilian Najdorf

I just finished this book and it is awesome. I recommend it to all readers.

pikachuisdabest user
Customer Testimonails

Product: Fighting Anti-Sicilians for the Najdorf player

This book actually covers the lines of importance. Every single line that I’ve ever faced has been covered, and I really wish I had studied the reperotire before playing those people (I got painfully upset recently when I didn’t know how to respond to an Anti-Sicilian).

RARAttacker user
Customer Testimonails

Product: Crush the Dragon!

A great project by logozar, as usual. As always, LogozRAR tries his best to analyze his lines in depth, cover practically any playable sideline, and most importantly, explain his moves. If you study this, you’ll almost for certain get a huge advantage against any sort of Dragon, except if you happen to face a cheater, or me.

RARAttacker user
Customer Testimonails

Product: 1.e4: A complete White repertoire!
This product has not been released yet.

I am not lying when I say that I was truly awed by the amount of lines that “1.e4: A Comprehensive White Repertoire!” had in just the 1…e5 section.  If you want to quickly look up what to play against the Dragon, Philidor, Ruy Lopez (Archangelsk variation), or even something like the Damiano Defense within 1 minute, this is the book for you. It contains so much theory with explanations, that I could not help but applaud to Elijah and tell him what a great job he has done. If you wish to learn bunches of theory, and actually understand it (with master games and commentary) then buy this repertoire, or you will be sad.

Koudar331 user (product beta-tester)

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My coach is Elijah Logozar who is logozar on I experienced big rating surges with his help. He is a great coach and he teaches from his heart - he doesn't rip you off like some other coaches.

Darshan Koushik
Customer Testimonails

Elijah Logozar is very knowledgeable and taught me about the classics of chess. I learned so much in a short period of time and had so much fun. Although he is young, he has an insurmountable grasp of the game. My rating improved only after a few weeks. Now my rating is 1930 and I feel comfortable and confident out of the opening. For the time and cost and friendship, no one can compare.

Restraint user
Customer Testimonails

I recently took an introductory lesson from Elijah. This guy is going to be a star. He is very young, but I felt like I was learning from a seasoned Expert or Master (which he will be soon). Great prices, but they are going to go up. He actually spent more time than agreed upon in order to make sure I was pleased and grasping the reasoning behind the moves in the Sicilian. Highly recommended. Right now he is still offering a free introductory lesson. He doesn't try to push his opening repertoire on you...he tailors the lessons to your level, weaknesses, and desires.

Chicken_Monster user
Customer Testimonails

Elijah is a very wonderful person, and I could not ask for a better coach. He helped me very much with my openings, and I feel very confident playing them. An example - I recently beat a 2000 USCF rated 4 times with the prep Elijah had given me against his particular opening (The Grand Prix). Elijah can help teach you opening ideas, such as are very hard to find in a book. My practical play increased by at least 100 rating points after having lessons with him. He also helped me analyze some of my games, and I learned a lot from my own mistakes, that he helped point out. In addition, Elijah is very encouraging, and that alone makes him a joy to be around, a pleasure to work with, and a most qualified coach. I could not recommend a better coach for you.

Stephen Hoven

Coaching Information

Private lessons are offered for $15 per hour.

How to join the lesson:
1. Add Elijah on Skype (
2. Friend logozar on (note that you want lessons in the message).
3. Schedule a lesson (use the Contact feature on this website).
4. Pay for the lesson using Paypal (

5. Meet Elijah on live chess ( and have Skype ready.


The Nd5 sacrifice in the Sicilian

Author: Elijah Logozar
13th January 2018

The Nd5 sacrifice is a thematic and powerful attacking motif in the Sicilian Defense.

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Chess Engines

Author: Elijah Logozar
19th January 2018

Chess Engines have become very strong. How should they be used in training?

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5 opening principles every beginner should know

Author: Miguel (guest blogger)
27th January 2018

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